CELAC: concretion of dreams and realities

celacFive initials have the feeling of the countries that see the future in the integration. The CELAC more than a states community, it represents a union of forces, of ideas and of feelings that make us unique and diverse; but at the end men and women willing to develop the economy and consequently the society and the policy in each country that we inhabit.

Since the year 2011, date of its creation, it lights with the intensity and the cooperation of the 33 States of the Center, South America and the Caribbean that integrate it. It represents an independent and sovereign geopolitical area, accompanied by other blocs, such as the Union of South American Nations and the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of our America (ALBA).

In this great family that works for the progress, there is not place for countries that represent the ambition and the disintegration of the countries, for that reason neither United States, nor Canada cohabits in the evolution and the dreams of this continent without frontiers that emerges as the Atlantis and become in only one.

The green cayman is, for approval of all the Cubans, the host of the second meeting where the leaders of diverse countries expose projects and guide actions with the purpose of eliminating the obstacles to grow in full development.

And as we need wings so that our dreams fly, of this besieged and blockaded island, the best realities will sprout, because the heart, the hope and the mutual understanding reign without straitjackets, they flow through heterogeneous cultures and languages, because the CELAC is the covers of the house where the men stand up.